TX-2 Project

Re-creating the historically important TX-2 computer



  1. Alan Kay narrates Sutherland’s demonstration of Sketchpad
  2. Sketchpad – A Man-Machine Graphical Information System; 1994 Lecture by Ivan Sutherland at the Computer History Museum.
  3. Ivan Sutherland demonstrating Sketchpad
  4. Sketchpad by Ivan Sutherland at Bay Area Computer History Perspectives 1994-03-22 (VPRI 780)
    • includes video demonstration by Sutherland narrated by him

Ivan Sutherland

  1. Odysseys in Technology: Research and Fun, lecture by Ivan Sutherland
  2. The 2012 Kyoto Prize Commemorative Lecture –Ivan E. Sutherland


  1. Timothy E. Johnson’s video demonstration (I assume of Sketchpad-III).
    1. part 1
    2. part 2
    3. part 3


  1. The LINC was Early and Small. Wesley A. Clark.

Retrospectives, Oral History, etc.

  1. Mom Loved Him Best: Bert and Ivan Sutherland with Bob Sproull. Computer History Museum event, Recorded February 3, 2004. Computer History Museum catalog number 102695027.